Sunday, 19 August 2012

There's a Raccoon on Station!

"....there's so much stuff up there, we must have a *raccoon!". (Raccoon's are like badgers but with an American accent, they like to eat garbage and hoard stuff - they also smell bad).

' I didn't do nothing boss,  honest!'
It would appear that the boss, Ian, is having a clear out – no, not of team members – Austen is off on an overseas adventure on his own accord.  Ian wants a load of the ‘stuff’ at the Coastguard Station to be sorted out, he didn’t actually call it ‘stuff’, but you know what I mean! 

He found someone’s socks under the truck the other day and had a partially melt down which now means he’s on a purge. He’s given the clear out operation a snappy title it’s called:-


A ridiculous name I hope readers will agree – I will be asking for it to be renamed 


See how cleverly I have renamed the operation to change the emphasis to ensure the operation helps achieve our sustainability and legacy commitments to recycle stuff. Anyway he's going to bin anything that isn't required for Coastguard rescue operations.

*Any similarity between the description of a Raccoon and Austen is purely coincidental - to be fair Austen can't do the American accent.

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