Thursday, 16 August 2012

Our Austen

From time to time as the Station Officer you have announce some sad news which will come as a bit of a shock.

We are sorry to announce that our very own Austen Rockett is having a break from the world of Coastguard and in fact leaving Swanage for a while. He has managed to obtain employment overseas and its a chance of a lifetime.

Austen joined the team on the 10th May 1999 and quickly became a cliff technician (person who goes over the cliff). In April 2007 he became the Deputy Station Officer. During recent years Austen has been known for his straight management style and laying claim to the ownership of the Coastguard truck. The moment of clarity of ownership came one call out when in a crowded car park he announced that he was driving, as this is a family blog we can't repeat the actual words, however since then no one ever gets in the driving seat without seeking permission 1st.

During July Austen ran the team whilst Ian was away and during a very busy period managed the team superbly.

We hope you join us in wishing Austen a very safe trip, he will leave us in September so there is plenty of time to highlight some of Austen's best moments.


Coastguard Oscar said...

Lol i've just read some of his 'best moments' on the link...Hairy Alligators, Ironing board rescues and the Gurkha incident...amongst others. Rockett = Great comedy value for money. Top bloke.

John B said...

Wishing you best wishes & good luck on your new venture,you'll be missed on the team and oh can we have your share of the biscuits and choccy bars?