Saturday, 4 August 2012

IRT - South Deep Brownsea Island.

A Swanage IRT Call out at 23:43 last night to report of 3 persons in a small tender who had lost power and were drifting towards the harbour entrance. A scout leader on Brownsea Island called it in on triple9, saying the boat was also unlit. Never good to be a small boat in a relatively busy shipping lane, at night, unlit!

Swanage Coastguard Rescue Officers (call-signs Papa and Oscar) deployed to the chain ferry to oversee Poole ILB (RNLI) who after a brief search of south deep found the boat and took a tow.

Dorset Police and Poole Coastguard team were dispatched to the Fisherman's Quay, Poole, due to concerns that the persons were acting suspiciously given the time, position of the incident and the fact the vessel was unlit.

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