Monday, 13 August 2012

Dangerous Cliff

Today's incident to recover a life ring washed up in Durlston Bay came to a halt when we came up to this part of the cliff. With it looking like even more could come down at any moment, the risks were too great.

The reason we were going was concern that the life ring could be amongst other items from a boat and maybe someone used it to get ashore.

Coastguard helicopter 106 was on exercise at Durlston Head and was going to take a quick look for us, however a very helpful ILB crew came to help and picked the life ring up and even offered us a lift home.

It appears the item had been washed off a boat and joined the lost property pile slowly building in the station.

Our advice is one which is covering many areas of Dorset at the moment - keep clear of cliffs at the moment, Don't take risks.

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Barry said...

When I saw the title of the post I thought it was going to be about a certain Sir Richard going on an unexpected rampage through Swanage Rambo style.