Sunday, 29 July 2012

Serious Incident in Swanage Bay

Swanage Coastguard training with and One-Zero-Six
Just after 6pm Portland Coastguard requested the Swanage Initial Response Team attend Swanage Pier to meet a boat with a seriously injured female on board. It was unclear at the time how the injury occurred but the incident was supported by South Western Ambulance. On arrival at the pier it was discovered that the boat had in fact beached by the clock tower on Shore Road so the team relocated.

The team arrived and started to assist the Paramedic crew and a request was made for a helicopter evacuation. The full team was paged - 6 other volunteer Coastguards arriving on scene in under 3 minutes - to assist in clearing a large section of the beach.

Rescue 106 was tasked from Portland and was on scene in around 10 minutes, but due to the funfair on Sandpit field a beach landing was considered unsafe so an alternative secure landing site was sought, first on the Recreation ground and then finally in King George's field.

The female casualty was treated at the scene and transferred via ambulance to the waiting helicopter and flown directly to Southampton hospital - flight time 13 minutes - to be met by the Southampton Coastguard Team

It appears the female was on a small RIB when along with a male the pair hit a wave and both were thrown into the water. Thankfully the helmsman had a kill cord and this stopped the engine, however the female received a serious head injury in the process.

Thanks to the forgotten 'C' Watch at Portland MRCC Centre - Top co-ordination as ever from the ops room; nice to have you watching over us.

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