Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Nick's breakfast

Sunday morning the the team met at a local cafe for a briefing, well actually it was more of a breakfast.

To the general public a multi agency breakfast briefing may have looked odd but it fact it's quite important. As we discovered carnival day can be long and it's important to have at least one good meal. It's also important to brief and have an idea where every one will be during the day.

Let us not forget most people were either volunteers or arrived before their duty started.

We were just surprised that Nick lined up the sandwiches one after the other this was his 2nd round.

1 comment:

John B said...

You've got to start somewhere. Keeping an altherletic body like Nick's needs at leased 30,000 cals. a day!! Anyway those bacon sarnies wre the ones purchased before the team turned up!!!
Good on yah Nick.