Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hog Roast or Jacket Spud?

Looks like Coastguard Eric has been caught red handed at the carnival Hog that's why he's a Swanage Carnival volunteer!

Eric: Deciding whether to have a jacket spud instead ...yeah right you are!

Eric - He's no stranger at the Hog Roast tent
In other hopefully unrelated news - Peppa Pig star of the Swanage Parish Fete hasn't been seen for a few days?


John B said...

Saw Eric later in the day, the hog roast was tasty!! still no sign of peppa pig though. I'll phone Paultons Park today (Home of Peppa Pig) and check if she is there.

John B said...

No need to panic, I phoned Paultons Park & Peppa Pig is there.She made a special guest apperance at Swanage then went on a boat trip in the bay(WEARING A LIFE JACKET)then returned home safely. All's well that end's well.