Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Children rescued from Ballard Point

Coastguards and lifeboat crews were tasked this lunchtime to a report of 3 children stuck at the base of the cliff, close to Ballard Point.

The ILB crew were soon on scene and found  the youngsters in a difficult location and certainly in a dangerous one.  A crew member was put ashore and led them to a safer location to be loaded into the ILB.

The  Coastguard team arrived at Sheps Hollow and waited for the ILB to land the 3 young males (aged 10, 10 and 12) on the beach.  Their parents arrived and we then explained the dangers they had put themselves in.

The dangers included, being cut off by the tide,  falling into the water were strong currents could have swept them away, cliff falls to name a few.

Thankfully on this occasion they were spotted by a passing pleasure boat who realised they could be in danger and called the Coastguard.

Meanwhile a climber was rescued at Dancing Ledge by Rescue 106 and the St Albans team and they have been in action again tonight with a search for some kayakers.

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