Friday, 20 July 2012

Bubbles The Cat - missing

It's appears that one of the families who live near the Coastguard Station near north beach are missing their young cat 'Bubbles'. You may remember Bubbles, who went missing last September and was found a few days later much to the delight of the owners Harriet (age 12) and Alistair (age 9). Well sadly he's sneaked off again.

Alistair called by a moment ago with a flyer and I said we'd be more than happy to put something on the Coastguard Blog.

Bubbles trying to get into Coastguard Oscar's House last month

So if you live on DeMoulham Road, Seaward Road, Bonfields Avenue or Ulwell Road they would be very grateful if you might check your garage or shed just in case she is locked in.

If you do see this lovely little cat please give Harriet or Alistair a call on (Tel01929)-423060 or (Mob07931)-380920 or drop him back to 55 De Moulham Road. Thanks.

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