Saturday, 28 April 2012

Watch and make.....a Swanage Coastguard special

The other Saturday when dressed in our posh uniform we suddenly found the need to find some protective gloves.  Normally our overalls are full of them but we got a little caught out and the box in the back of the truck had gone missing.

So a box of gloves, pair of scissors, labelling machine, Velcro, two plastic takeaway containers and a cup of tea........ 
Take sip of tea, then cut some Velcro and stick it to the back of the plastic containers.  Using scissors can be dangerous so full safety glasses should be worn and an adult present for this bit.

Make some labels saying "Medium gloves" and "Large gloves" and attach to lid of containers.  Sip of tea, then fill the containers with the correct gloves.  Stick the containers to the truck using the sticky Velcro strips
Job done - a mark one Swanage Coastguard simple and cheap solution to ensure gloves are to hand !

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John B said...

When the Adult was present did they do a risk assesment for using the scissors? Hope so, Well done!