Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Helicopters at Swanage

We continue this critically acclaimed feature with the most up to date shot yet - the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance taking off from Peveril Point on 21 April 2012. (..more exciting than Slipwatch!)

For those who wish to know, its a Eurocopter EC135 twin engined machine operated by Bond Helicopters. Its registration is G-DORS and its call sign Helimed One-Zero. The Air Ambulance can operate on one engine only if one should fail.

The vehicle in the foreground is our Mobile Response Unit (MRU) or Austen's truck as we call it. Its a Nissan Navara single engined machine operated by HM Coastguard. Its registration is HF53 AUS, call sign Swanage Mobile. It has a striking yellow bonnet and some nee-nahs on the roof. Sadly it cannot operate if its engine fails although it is useful to shelter behind when the helo takes off.

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