Sunday, 8 April 2012

Saturday's Patrol

Chris and I headed out visiting the Zig Zag and Durlston bay 1st of all.

Then down to National Coastwatch at Peveril to see what was happening and be told about some divers they had some concern about earlier.

A slow drive up the sea front and out to Studland and Knoll Beach and watch the Coastguard helicopter return from Bournemouth very quickly and low over the water.
We then noticed a Easter egg hunt at the education centre at Knoll so thought we had better check it out. To qualify you had to take part in a trail and answer questions before returning to the centre to claim your chocolate.

The questions were well hard so we are going to return on Thursday to do it during training. Off then to Middle Beach to see how much seaweed had washed up and have a coffee (of course).
Checked the access at South Beach and out to Old Harry before returning to Swanage and a visit to Divers Down.

Chris was surprised at the number of people I waved at whilst driving around (I didn't know anyone really but he thinks I have lots of friends now!)

Finally back to the Station to see Lee (on his new patrol bike) Roger and Ali.

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