Saturday, 7 April 2012

Station Officer - the many roles

In a new series for the blog, "The many roles of a Station Officer" we will show you all those extra little things that happen behind the scenes.

In the above photo (taken by David Haysom) it shows how useful a Station Officer can be as a ribbon holder. More to come will include, Station Officer does the washing up and Station Officer empties the you can't wait.


Coastguard Oscar said...

Followed by Station Officer eats all the biscuits....

Swanage Coastguard said...

Station Officer had a cake actually!

John B. said...

I see the Station Officer is at another offical opening of the
N.C.I. The wive's of the N.C.I.
bake exceedingling good cakes and
biscuits,also serve tea & coffee.
Must be very hard to turn down an
invitation from them.
Well done Ian,you can't just have one or the other. Cake and biscuits do go together.