Sunday, 29 April 2012

3 lucky people

Today patrol battled heavy rain and strong winds to check the patch.  Studland beach just had 5 people and 3 dogs out for a walk and thankfully there were no craft out on the water in poor conditions.

Whilst at the NCI lookout at Peveril Point, the two watch keepers and the patrol were surprised to see two small craft launch and start "wave jumping" in conditions which could be described as poor for such small craft.

The two craft moved into the bay so the mobile moved to keep them under observation and noticed one of the crafts break down and being towed back towards the boat park.   As the Coastguard arrived the swell picked up and to the horror of those watching, the broken down craft capsized throwing two people into the water.  The second craft also came close to being capsized and a request went to Portland Coastguard for immediate assistance as persons were in the water.

Both Coastguards put their water rescue equipment on (the 1st time in an emergency this equipment has been used)  and went to assist those in the water, thankfully both had surfaced close to beach and the second craft beached itself so everyone was accounted for.   With the help of some friends both boats were then recovered from the water.

Normally "words of advice" are given to the parties involved, but as one of them said "we were lucky" I think they realised for themselves.

Shall we just say - 3 lucky people.

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