Saturday, 18 September 2010

Why we train.

Earlier in the year we undertook some para illuminate (distress flare) training. We were asked why we were doing this in the light. 
White Star over Durlston

Well it allows the team to see what they are doing and learn to fire them safely. Which means when we have to deploy one in the dark under pressure like we did last night we know exactly what to do, and how to keep ourselves safe.

From the above you will see they are particularly powerful hence the safety need for gloves, body and eye protection. Fired into the wind at a 70 degree angle. (...and no you don't have to say 'ooooh' when they have gone up!)

The para illuminate has been withdrawn from service with some Coastguard teams but due to cases like last night and the high level of searches we undertake (when they are used to light an area) the Swanage Team still carry them. A useful bit of kit.

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