Monday, 20 September 2010

There it is!

As we prepare for the special landmark, as the newest member of the team I’m still getting to grips with every day things such as keeping the pager with me at all times.

All was going well until 11.30pm Friday night when I suddenly realised it wasn’t there. It had been clipped to my belt all day. It should still be clipped to my belt. But it definitely wasn’t clipped to my belt…

Ignoring the golden rule of remaining calm under pressure I set about turning the house upside down desperately trying to remember when I last had it. I was just about to ring the Control Room at Portland and ask them to test page me (knowing full well that whilst it would locate the pager, it would also wake the whole house up AND be a source of amusement at the station) when I spotted it lurking down the side of the sofa.

I now know why the rest of the guys have their pagers on a little lanyard…think I might just get one. Lesson learned.

there it is...

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