Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Our John

Today is a very special day for the Team and for one member in particular.....John Bentham.

30 years ago today, John joined the Swanage Coastguard Team and since then he has been the back bone of the team. John has given so much not only to the team but the families and lots of people in Swanage often putting them 1st.

Normal John has one speed, that's super fast ....whether fitting tyres or sweeping the station, you just see him running past.

So on behalf of the team congratulations to John for 30 years of dedicated Service to HM Coastguard, with a Chief Coastguard Commendation and a Letter of Thanks for his work at MRCC Portland during the Napoli incident not forgetting the many lives he has helped save in and around Swanage you can not ask for much more out of a wonderful team member.

Now sadly something we haven't told readers is that John is unfortunately quite ill at the moment so today will not be quite as we planned, so we would ask you all in joining us in wishing John a good recovery, he might be off for a bit but the Team is doing its best to look after him.

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