Saturday, 25 September 2010

Points make Prizes

As Coastguard Rescue Officers we are issued with Personal Protection Equipment - overalls, boots, helmets etc - to allow us to do our job.

However once a year we can order extra uniform such as polo shirts, caps, shirts, jackets etc. To make sure nobody overdoes it each item has a points value and we can spend a maximum 50 points each. Turns out that a Coastguard pullover is worth 13 clip on ties or about a third of a jacket, whilst a coat costs more than 2 years worth of points so I don't suppose they get through many of those.

Well, I've chosen what I want, totalled it up and at 175 points I think I've bust. Might have to rethink; maybe put the shirt back and get a tie instead, or just have the right trouser leg and save up for the left one next year?

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