Thursday, 16 September 2010

Night Shout

01:20am Thursday 16th September: - A member of the public phoned the Solent MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre) to report seeing a flare over towards Poole Harbour. Solent immediately contacted Portland MRCC who were able to confirm that the Royal Marines were training within the harbour and that in all likelihood it was an illuminate from their activities.

In order to confirm this to be the case the Swanage Coastguard IRT team was tasked at 01:37 to Goathorn Pier on the southern side of Poole Harbour to deploy a para-illuminate (white flare). On a mark given by Solent the para-illuminate was launched and teams from Needles Coastguard on the Isle of Wight and the Yarmouth Lifeboat which was positioned off Hengistbury head were able to confirm that the flare was in the same position as had been seen by the member of the public.

A local resident also was awoken by the kerfuffle then confirmed that some marine chaps in camouflage gear had been running around in the woods near Goathorn Pier doing some secret stuff.

Both Coastguard Teams and the Yarmouth Lifeboat were stood down with Swanage returning to station at 02:37. CROs Thomson, Curtis and Kitching.

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