Sunday, 21 June 2009

Weekend Up Date

Well the Stations Officers meeting at Poole went well, quick stop at McDonalds on the way to eat, then to office to meet the SO's from St Albans, Poole and Southborne.

1st topic - Swine Flu......then on to the budgets and some operational things. Few issues were discussed around the table and that was about it.

Saturday......Austen went out to see if he could find the "Rave", I left him to it and had a very nice evening at the sailing club summer ball at the golf club. Personally I didn't know I could look so smart. Met lots of people and the topic of the night was most thought I was a full time yes it may look like that but I do have a "proper job".

Sunday, as Deputy Blog has said little dog over the cliff sadly I was at work and a few others were out of town. I arrived at the station to find Austen writing up the report.

And that's just about been it this weekend....not a lot going on!

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