Saturday, 13 June 2009

Gucci Goggles

Uvex Ivo

Well they look like ‘Gucci kit’ but they’re actually cheap but effective UVEX goggles. Nothing really special about them apart from they are blue and orange.

Why do we need them, quiet simply eye protection. The downwash of air from the helicopter is immense and any debris or sand etc . is blown at a 100mph into your face. If you wear contact lenses like me it’s even more of a problem. At least with these on you can see the helicopter - albeit only just sometimes. They are great on the cliff, especially chalk cliffs, where the updraft of dust kicked off by the cliffman comes flying into your face.

Helicopter at very close quarters

Googles are also worn when driving in stakes for the stake holdfasts at the top of the cliffs. The worry here is shards of metal flying off, ….and if you’ve ever seen Special Agent John Bentham knock in a stake you’ll know why. I have NEVER seen something hit with so much force. Who taught him to do that! Even the sledgehammer was wincing in pain.

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