Saturday, 6 June 2009

Cold Beer

Three chaps went sea fishing in kayaks last night;..... nothing wrong with this.

Portland Coastguard were called at 9:43 by a concerned guest at The Grand Hotel who had seen three kayaks who he considered might be in distress; Portland dispatched the Swanage Team to investigate and provide assistance if necessary.

After making contact with the kayaks (not canoes!) it was apparent that they had earlier experienced some minor difficulties. One chap had tipped over and lost his fishing rods and some cans of beer. They had simply been trying to recover these. The chaps were all very polite and went home in good humour minus 5 cans of 'quality' Australian lager- (otherwise know by our antipodean friends as ‘tinnies’).

This morning the Swanage Beach Wardens have recovered said cans of beer, now suitably chilled, and returned them to their rightful owner. Words of advice were offered by one of the team as to whether there might be better ways to chill their beer.

Moral of the story, keep yourself safe at sea, and enjoy a cold beer when you return to shore. Oh and if you find the rods please drop them off at the Station and we’ll return them also.

Thanks for assistance from Ocean Bay Restaurant.

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