Sunday, 28 June 2009

Another day

Oddly not a lot happened around the area this weekend. Other than being called at 6.30am to go to Dancing Ledge for a couple of chaps reported overdue by their partners basically not a lot happened.

So this afternoon Rid and I decided we would leave the truck in the station and walk......yes that's W A L K, known to a few of the team as a foot patrol.

So it was down Burlington Chine to drop some PR bits off to the cafe and then a walk along getting some strange looks as to who we were. Stopped to speak to John Deare and then to Ocean Bay for refreshments.
Along the sea front, liaising with the Beach wardens, round to the quay and met Roger Marsh and then on to the pier to speak to some youths messing about in a little dinghy, then some children pier jumping and then tried to explain to a couple of divers using a spear gun that perhaps they were a little close to others.

Returning to the station we were stopped by a member of staff from a local nursing home, they had two of their residents missing after an afternoon walk. Thankfully Austen was on the station so sent him round to the nursing home to check with staff whilst we checked along the sea front, however a few minutes later Austen confirmed the pair had returned safe, job done.

So the lack of incidents meant I had to get my shed ready for a coat of paint.

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