Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sting in the fin

Thankfully yesterday was quiet, surprisingly as the beaches were packed.
Just as we were about to return to the station, someone stopped us asking for some help as their friend had stepped on something in the water and it was hurting.

Having liaised with the beach wardens who had located the male (hopping!) he was taken to the tourist information centre where a quick inspection confirmed he had stepped on a weever fish.

These little creatures lay just in the sand with their sharp fin sticking up ready for that foot to step on it, the 'sting' hurts a lot and the first thing to do is ensure the person is not having a reaction to the sting, then its time to put the kettle on!

No not for a coffee (although the staff at the tourist information centre kindly did make us a drink later).

The treatment for the sting is to put the affected limb into a bowl with the hottest water the person can stand and keep topping the water up for nearly an hour.

Many thanks to today's casualty who kindly allowed his foot to be shown, his comments, " yes it hurts!"


Deputy Blog said...

Weevers are right little buggers and on the Deputy Blog pain scale this gets 'Medium to Top-ouchers' ...a bit like a double wasp sting and standing on glass at the same time. Hot water and a hour or two and the chap was looking happier.

Incidently the Weever is probably none the worse for his ordeal.

annonomouse said...

Thanks for the info, My daughter got stung twice years back when on holiday in the south of france.
First time, she had no shoes on, second time, through her shoe!
Just nice to know to keep an eye open for little kids crying for 'no reason'.
Incidently, the cure is the same as was prescribed when a diving buddy of mine got tagged on the hand by a Lion Fish in the red sea. Never thought such a big, rufty tufty bloke would shout and swear so much..
Mind you, rescue services turned up (17 miles out) in a rib and took him ashore for treatment.
He was back next morning with a T shirt stating that he had 'spent the night in Sharm..