Saturday, 11 March 2017

Teams called to Dancing Ledge

Both the Swanage and St Albans Coastguard teams were called to the coastal footpath above Dancing Ledge this afternoon.

A 65 year old male walking with friends slipped and fell on very wet ground breaking his ankle.

The ambulance service sent the air ambulance but due to the fog, the aircraft was unable to get near.

A specialist ambulance team were deployed from Exeter to assist and requested assistance from the Coastguard whilst on route.

The ground conditions were very wet so the teams had to walk to the location.

First aid was given and with a specialist vehicle from the National Trust which one of the St Albans Team had access too, the male was brought to Acton near Langton to meet the ambulance.

Swanage and St Albans Coastguard Rescue Teams, stabilise and extract the fallen walker at Dancing Ledge.


Ian Thompson said...

Being the 65 year old casualty now safely back home on my settee (with dog) I would like to express my thanks to all the teams involved in extracting me and getting me safely to Poole hospital. Lying in wet mud and freezing cold is not a pleasant experience. I'd also like to thank my friends for calling in the emergency services and keeping my spirits up with amusing observations. Ha!

However, it won' t put me off visiting Dorset again as long as it doesn't involve a visit to A & E.

Thanks to all involved for your professionalism and skill. Ian Thompson

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to all the emergency services who helped my friend Ian on Saturday. It was a very challenging situation and you overcame. I know he has tried to post his thanks himself but has been defeated by technology. Most grateful. Andrew

Joel said...

Hello there Ian,

I'm glad to hear you recovered well at home. I'm glad we were able to assist you and get to you hospital in tricky circumstances.

If you're ever down this way again I recommend Studland Nature Reserve as a nice walk and also Portland Bill.

Best Wishes,

Joel (ambulance crew)