Sunday, 19 March 2017

Is your Dog under Control?

One of the great things about living at the coast or visiting the area is the range of possibilities for taking your dog for a really long walk or run.

But please make sure you both come back safe.

Around this time of year we are often called to reports of dogs over cliffs, usually because they've chased a bird or young rabbit towards the edge and always because they haven't been on a lead.

Always keep your dog on a lead on or near cliff edges and if your dog does go over, don't be tempted to try and Rescue it yourself - you'll only put yourself in danger. Remember 999 Coastguard.

If you are on the beaches in the area you must keep your dog under control. Restrictions on leads vary from beach to beach in Studland and Swanage as well as seasonal variations. Some local beaches forbid dogs totally in the summer - please check.

And even off the lead, your dog must still be under control.   You might think it's being friendly,  but not everyone appreciates or is even comfortable with a random dog bounding up to them and leaping up, even if it's only saying hello!

If you do have concerns about dogs out of control at beaches, speak to the National Trust rangers at Studland or the Town Council Dog Warden at Swanage.

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