Sunday, 19 March 2017

Climber falls at Headbury

The team were tasked to back up St Albans Coastguard at Headbury Quarry west of Dancing Ledge.

A climber had fallen whilst climbing and hit the cliff face, injuring her leg.

The teams assisted the paramedic winchman and South Western Ambulance paramedic with the female climber before carrying her to the waiting aircraft.

Rescue 106 from Portland landed in the quarry.

Coastguard Rescue Officers guided by the winchman to the waiting aircraft - photos by the Field Family.

As the helicopter was waiting for the casualty , the crew spotted two further climbers who may have been in difficulty.

A further team were sent to investigate with both Coastguard teams searching from Hedbury quarry to Blackers Hole with nothing found.

Having completed the search the team were then asked to check for a yacht in Swanage bay.
The yacht had been towed to Swanage last week by the lifeboat and was reported as leaving. Contact has been lost with the owner and the Coastguard wanted to ensure all was ok.
The bay was checked with no sign of the yacht.

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