Sunday, 12 March 2017

Another Slip and a possible sunken boat

The team were out training this morning at Durlston when a call came in from the National Maritime Operations Centre requesting the team proceed to the Downs to assist South Western Ambulance.

Within five minutes the first team members arrived to find an ambulance crew tending to a male with a dislocated ankle.

In an almost rerun of yesterday's incident the rest of the team arrived with a stretcher and soon were carrying the patient to the ambulance. Thankfully compared to yesterday's incident the distance was in metres not over half a mile.

Just as the team had completed the stretcher lift , the team were requested to proceed to Old Harry Rocks and a report of a vessel aground.

The team split up with some going to Old Harry and the others to the NCI lookout.
On arrival at the lookout the team could see a dark object in the water and waited to get a team above to confirm what it was.

The team arrived at the top of the cliff and confirmed it was a large rock.

A quick debrief over "brunch" and the volunteers returned to station for an hours cleaning duties.


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