Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Community and JESIP

"We are amazed at the emergency services and communities response to this, it doesn't happen where we live" - member of the public to an emergency services worker during yesterday's incident in Institute Road.

Thankfully serious incidents don't happen too often in Swanage but when they do there is an amazing sprit of "can do" which comes out.

From the Emergency Services , ( on and off duty) , members of the public, Swanage Town Council, Beavers Restaurant for providing hot refreshments to everyone and all the businesses in the Town who assisted , a huge thank you which saw those in need cared for until they could be evacuated to hospital.

The work of the emergency service saw a principle called JESIP swing into action .

JESIP - Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles is a national policy driven by the Home Office to see the emergency service work seamlessly.

Yesterday incidents in both the search and accident saw the principles rapidly put in place getting the ground commanders in place very quickly working on solutions and deploying staff on the ground.

As a JESIP trainer the Station Officer has spent a year training commanders and control room staff in Dorset - that training was really put into practise yesterday.

Thank you to the residents of Swanage - the accident in Institute Road basically cut the South side of Swanage off - it did take a few minutes to reverse various roads around.

Finally - an event today to mark another special group of individuals .

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