Sunday, 28 June 2015

Rodney and owner rescued from cliff

The Swanage Team along with colleagues from St Albans Coastguard were tasked at 11am to a report of a person and dog stuck on the Down at Swanage.

A member of the public had walked into the NCI lookout at Peveril Point to report their friend stuck having gone down the cliff to get the dog.

The team arrived to find the male from the Reading area about 10 metres down alone with his dog Rodney.

A cliff technician was deployed to stabilise the male from falling and then recovery of both of them.

Nick Field stabilises the male from falling before the teams recovered both the male and dog.

Rodney safely back on the top of the cliff.

Whilst the teams packed up their equipment , another dog further up the Downs disappeared over the edge. Thankfully the dog reappeared but it was nearly another incident.

Please keep dogs on leads near cliff edges and never try and rescue a dog should it go over the cliff - Call 999 and ask for Coastguard.

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