Monday, 22 June 2015

Nee Narrs- what if they break?

The other day someone asked me what if the 'nee narrs' ever broke on our Coastguard Vehicle - and what would we do if they did.

Nee narrs- really!?!

To be honest he was 5 years old so this was a perfectly well phrased question.

I explained that we had an arrangement with Paington Zoo whereby we are loaned their Gibbon which we sellotape to the roof of the Coastguard Truck (low tack tape obviously). The Gibbon then does the business in warning other road users that we are approaching.

The five year old thought I was completely mad...

...until I showed him this.

I hope you will agree - a perfectly good replacement.

*Please note this is a purely fictional piece and HMCoastguard does not condone the sellotaping of Gibbons, or any other ape in the Hylobatidae family, to the roof of rescue vehicles.

** Other brands of sticky tape are available.

***Paignton Zoo, is a very nice day out,

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