Monday, 29 June 2015

Taxi for Nick!

As a Coastguard team, we're always very grateful for the people around us that support the team - wives, girlfriends, families, townsfolk, employers who release us from work and so on, and as of yesterday, thanks too for random people that give us a lift to the station when the pager goes off.

Coastguard Nick had just arrived by train at Harmans Cross to look at the Armed Forces displays there when the pager went off, with its "Dog and Person over the cliff at Swanage" voice-over.   With no car, and no Swanage-bound train for half an hour,  and no apparent way of getting back in time, Nick flagged down an unsuspecting lady driving out of the village hall.

Very kindly the lady not only agreed to drive Nick back to Swanage, but also offered to take him to the Coastguard Station, or wherever was most convenient (in the end to Nick's house so he could pick his car up!).
In the course of the journey it became apparent that the lady wasn't local, but was actually from Coventry, and was down for a wedding the day before. At the time she was busy shuttling things from the reception back to the friend's house in Swanage so it was lucky there was room for Nick at all!  They don't have many cliffs or coastguards in Coventry, so we can forgive her for being just a little surprised when a strange man suddenly jumped in!

So to our good samaritan chauffeur (whoever you are, we didnt get your name!) thanks for your help, and the good news is that we rescued both dog and owner safely.

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