Saturday, 23 February 2013

"It's why it's taped off sir"

The words of our new recruit Kyle this afternoon when out with the Station Officer looking at the Landslip.

Just as we got down on the beach by Sheps Hollow, there further up the beach was a gent walking towards the taped off area, surely not we thought as we quickened the pace.

Too late, over the tape, ignoring the warning signs he tries to walk up over the mud slip and.........sinks.

A member of public in front of us rushes to help the male and just as we arrived we help a rather muddy gent back onto the beach.

"It's why it's taped off sir", says Kyle looking at the man covered just short of his knees in mud as the Station Officer is on the phone to the Operations Room in Weymouth.

Looking rather shocked at his near miss the 80 year old male from Middlesex realises he stepped over Police tape and missed the highly visible warning signs.

Thankfully yet again the out come was just one pair of very muddy boots and embarrassment that he had become another Government Statistic.

Not quite what Kyle was expecting on his 1st trip out either, this is the second person in just over a week to get stuck at the same location.


Anonymous said...

We haven't gone on the beach past Ocean Bay since the land-slip (but then we're locals!) Query - is it safe yet to walk along the concrete area past the beach huts and up Burlington Chine?

Swanage Coastguard said...

Ok a tricky one as we can't say for sure you will be safe. There still is a section around the Highcliffe Road area which we have concerns about and we would advise you to drop onto the beach in this area. You will notice from the beach one beach hut pushed forward and fresh lumps of rock building up behind the huts. The beach is not closed but keep your distance from cliff fall and consider your safety and others. We want people to enjoy the area but stay safe, consider where you are walking and be aware of what is happening around you. Take care around the groynes as there are some large drops on the north side of each one.

Beach lover said...

It would really help people negotiate the groins if there were wooden steps instead of having to think about going through the mud, seems like an easy solution, can't it be done?

Swanage Coastguard said...
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Swanage Coastguard said...

A very valid comment regarding the groynes, why not come along to the drop in session at 10am All Saints Church and put that question to Purbeck District Council the owners of the gyones .