Sunday, 3 February 2013

Fresh Falls

Yesterdays patrol went and checked the latest on the beach.  We haven't been aware (until this week) how many people and organisations have been using the site to monitor events so to ensure the  safety of others we will be continuing to post photos so others don't put themselves at risk. 

We normally try and go down at low water, and stay away from the piles of mud and concrete that are falling.  Its all very active still with a lot of water pouring our the bottom. 

A snap shot of an active slip in progress.  Questions being asked what can be done and this is where it gets tricky.  This is private property, the councils have an obligation for sea defences, these are still in place and its not the sea that has caused the landslip.  This is a failure in the cliff caused by land drainage issues over many years.

Another question is when will this be cleared up, well at the moment there are no plans, we understand this is a natural process and removing this "toe" would just bring more of the cliff down above. 
The mud slick is getting larger and there is evidence that in the last couple of days someone has tried walking on this and got stuck.
Someone phoned Portland Coastguard yesterday and stated that at certain states of the tide its very hazardous down there and their partner had nearly got stuck, whether this was related to the footprints we don't know.
Please do take the advice we have been giving from December, keep clear of the slump,

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the photos...........when will it all stop ?? and how safe are the properties on the cliff ?? Keep safe. Sue