Friday, 15 February 2013

Mud Rescue Coastguard and Fire Service Joint Rescue

The team were this afternoon tasked to the landslip to the north of Swanage Bay to rescue a man who was stuck waist deep in the mud. Rather than climb over the groynes he took it upon himself to walk across the mud.

Dorset Fire and Rescue (Swanage Station) provided some of expertise and muscle whilst the man was pulled to safety. We are advised that 7, yes 7 fire appliances were initially tasked to this call out. The Police also attended.

... work out for yourself the cost of this rescue! 7 fire trucks, a Coastguard Team and 3 police officers all for the rescue of a person.  Whilst it seems a lot of people, each are required to provide a level of safety to each other and the public looking on.

Whilst in might look safe, the mud is actually really deep in places 4-6ft+ and there is a VERY real risk to life, especially to children. Often the slips dry and form a crust this allows people to walk a certain way across the mud until they fall through the crust.

Please, please stay away from the slips.

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The team were later called to an incident on the pier which was successfully resolved, thanks to Swanage Lifeboat for being ready to assist.

Location:Swanage Bay


Anonymous said...

Sure, the guy was clearly stupid but why were 7 fire trucks, a Coastguard Team and 3 police officers sent?!

Swanage Coastguard said...

A Coastguard team was sent as the incident was on the beach and fall within the remit of Coastguard, however due to the specialist nature of the entrapment the Fire Service was also tasked. Whilst local crews attended the Fire Service deployed its Specialist Rescue Teams. The Police attended to support both services as recently members of the public have ignored instructions from the rescue services and hindered the operation. Yes it's a lot of people, but there can be a lot of equipment required better to stand units down than get on scene and discover you need more.