Saturday, 2 February 2013

Busy Day for team

A busy day today for the team started just before 10am when Portland MRCC tasked the full Coastguard Rescue Team.

A walker on the coastal path walking towards Dancing Ledge slipped and broke his ankle. The team arrived to find very difficult ground conditions and the casualty in good humour despite his injury. Using the stretcher the casualty was carried out to a waiting ambulance. We would also like to thank Countryside Ranger Katie Black for her assistance with some vehicle movement in muddy conditions.

The coastal path is extremely slippery at the moment and we ask all users to be careful.

Having got back to station the team were tasked to a sailing dinghy off Studland which had been reported in difficulty. When the team arrived the above sailing dinghy was found ashore with a hole where the rudder should be. The two on board were safe and had managed to get caught close to the training bank, which had caused the rudder to be ripped off. The National Trust assisted the recovery of the boat up the beach.

During the incident it was odd that several people came up and said they thought the boat was in trouble but they haven't called in.

If you think someone is in trouble always report it, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard, we would much rather be cancelled that learn of a tragedy.

We returned to take a trip to the Landslip but more on this tomorrow.

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