Friday, 19 October 2012

Urgent Callout

An urgent Callout for some team members tonight.......

A text message was received this afternoon from a team member saying a well known Swedish furniture manufacturer had turned up with his new sofa but refused to actually move it further than the back door.

Dead on 18.00, CRO'S Craker, Patrick and the SO arrived at the DSO's house and jumped in to action.  The old sofa was soon despatched out the back door, despite the DSO splitting his trousers (again) and Roger getting his trousers caught on the gas cooker and nearly blowing the house up.  The kitchen light was thankfully saved at the last second when Brian took a dive kicking the base of the sofa out.

Once out in the rear yard, the neighbour looked out in despair as four grown men were wrestling with a large cardboard box getting the new sofa out. Thankfully this part of the operation went a lot smoother than the 1st and the new sofa arrived in the lounge, leaving the job of getting rid of all the packing to Gareth.

We regret that this service is not available to the public, it was only that Gareth offered us chocolate.  Always read the small print where the delivery driver from that Swedish furniture company (who also make meat balls) will actually drop your new sofa.  There are probably other Swedish manufactures of sofas and meat balls but I couldn't find any on the Internet.


John B said...

Did the DSO offer meat balls for afters!!

Barry said...

Reading this post Laurel and Hardy spring to mind. Or that old PG Tips advert where they move the piano.
"Dad do you know the piano's on my foot."
"You hum it son and I'll play it."