Thursday, 11 October 2012

Behind the Scenes

Sorry about the lack of updates again - its not that there's nothing happening, its more a case of the team trying to fit in home and work commitments as well as CG ones!

We're busy getting ready for the Open Day this Sunday (11am -3pm at the Station, all welcome) and we have training tonight - a simulated major multi-agency incident. More tomorrow.

And most importantly, Sandie is undertaking perhaps the most difficult but important job of the year at the moment. Yup, she's sorting out the Christmas dinner again. Not hers - I expect that'll be turkey and trimmings before the Queen's speech and a snoozy film again - but the team dinner. Sandie has to juggle dates and venues and factor in places we're not allowed to go again (eg Dee tried to set fire to the place last year) and come up with a solution to keep everyone happy. Best of luck Sandie, and thanks for your help.

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John B said...

I'm taking a fire exstinguiser this year. (Just in case!!)