Monday, 15 October 2012

Busy Station

Busy day yesterday with the station open day, and a chance to welcome some old friends.  I'm neither old nor friendly, so I didn't go myself, but I hear it all went well.
A local quizmaster, photographer and purveyor of kitchenware took this photo, so I nicked it and popped it on our site.  Thanks Julian.

There really is some stunning natural beauty and magnificence here in Purbeck, although as I said before, I didn't go yesterday. Instead, whilst you're here, why not take a look at Julian's Purbeck Footprints website, full of some stunning images of this place we are fortunate to live and work in.  His 2013 calendars are available and if you buy now, you get 14 months' use instead of 12.  Bargain!

After this shameless plug, I expect an arty sunset silhouette shot on next year's calendar with the lighthouse in the background, and the local Coastguard team in the foreground setting up for a cliff rescue.  The juxtaposition of natural beauty and......natural beauty!

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