Friday, 19 October 2012

Biscuit Heaven

80’s one hit wonder pop sensation Belinda Carlisle once sang ‘Heaven is a Place on Earth’ …you know the song ‘oooh baby do you know what that worth…ooh heaven is a place on earth’ x36 or more times. They use the tune for some holiday caravan park advert on TV. I for one never knew that Heaven was actually a holiday camp near Weymouth – I assumed, wrongly, it was further north and had clouds and stuff.

Well indeed Heaven may be found on this earth; in fact Ian’s Heaven has been found in the corner of Coop, next to the bacon fridge; close to the ready cooked chickens that always seem to be reduced. It’s only a stack of Jaffa Cakes, from my reckoning there’s approximately 25 yards of the lightly blighters.

I told him about this Jaffa Cake Heaven earlier this morning and by 8:10 Coop mysteriously sold out – what are the chances of that?!


John B said...

I poped down to Co-op early this morning and saw that display stand empty, so I asked one of the staff when it would be stocked up. The reply was we have stocked it with All the Jaffa cakes delivered early this morning! I'll try again tomorrow.

Occasional Blog said...

You're right - those chickens look smaller every time i see them