Saturday, 26 May 2012

Serious Incidents off Studland

With the fine weather it was not going to be long before the pagers went off and just after 4pm a report came in off 3 Kayaks in trouble off Old Harry Rocks.  Swanage Lifeboats, ILB , Rescue 106 and the IRT proceeded as best speed.

Thankfully the 3 had been picked up by passing boats so the helicopter was stood down on arrrival at Swanage and the Lifeboat and ILB  after checking all was in order returned to station.

The IRT met the 3 on the beach to take their details and check their welfare.  Condtions off Old Harrry were rough and had been to much for them.  Thankfully they were well equiped with lifejackets but had forgotten their VHF radio - a mobile phone had been used to raise the alarm and they were lucky it worked in that location.

Having finished that incident, the IRT liaised with the National Trust and found they had been busy with two medical emergencies on the beach......we then got an immediate call from Portland coastguard asking us to proceed to North end of Studland Beach, a yacht was coming ashore in the surf.

We arrived to find a 33ft yacht aground in heavy surf and concern for the single male on board.  Both
Swanage Lifeboats were launched again with the ILB arriving 1st.

The ILB crew did an outstanding job and actually got the yacht off, unfortunatley the yachts engine was in gear and had a damaged rudder - this resulted in the yacht turning 180 degrees and grounding again but broadside.

The male on board had decided to get off at this stage and came ashore to the IRT on the beach.  The Swanage Lifeboat arrived and again with some excellent skill got the yacht off, towing it to deeper water to be checked.  Thankfully no damage other than the rudder so it was towed to Poole.

But the incident did not quite end there......the male on board then became unwell so had to require some medical treatment.  Having had that, he had a short trip to Shell Bay and a lift via Poole ILB back to his yacht.  Poole ILB then took over the tow from Swanage for the final stages of the incident.

Thankfully thanks to the skill of a few, today's incidents have all ended without serious injury.

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