Monday, 21 May 2012

Another off duty incident




Kitching and Rockett reported digging Transit van out the sand at Ocean Bay.

Usually the story goes the keys are lost in the sand, however this time it appears the van is ??

Details will follow soon...


Coastguard Oscar said...

It's ok Boss. We were off duty and in plain clothes! I've attached a photo. Ahh ....the smell of the sea, seaweed and a burnt out clutch.

Swanage Coastguard said...

Sorry, I think I reported that as a Transit.....looks like a another make of van to me.

Moral of the story....buckets and spades welcome on the beach, leave your van in the car park?

Swanage Coastguard said...

Actually a new line of posts.

Vehicles stuck in the sand.

Actually forget that of them might come back to haunt me.