Monday, 21 May 2012

Molly the Terrier and Coastguard Rescue Twingo-133

Coastguard Oscar was driving home this evening across the Wareham Bypass in 'Rescue Twingo-133'. (He was sticking to the official speed limit, not what appears to be the arbitrary Wareham Bypass speed limit of foot to the floor)

Rescue Twingo-133

In front of him cars were swerving and beeping horns. It transpired that whilst out on a walk a little terrier had jumped its lead and run across a field into the oncoming traffic. Fair to say it was only a matter of time until this little doggy was going to get hurt. So rather than do what everyone else was doing (i.e. ignoring the situation, and swerving) he decided to stop the traffic in both directions and rescue the little dog who after some 'discussion' jumped aboard the rescue vehicle and sat down on the back seat.

Normally Coastguard Dog Rescues involve hanging over a cliff, in the dark, in a force 7.

Molly in Rescue Twingo-133.
(Like Rescue Helicopter-106 but smaller and without rotors.)

'Molly' seemed to enjoy her brief trip in 'Rescue Twingo-133' to Wareham Police station, where after lots of telephone calls to the new non-essential Police number (101) the owner was found and came to pick Molly up.

Reunited with owner

Lovely little dog. So cute.

Moral of the story... if you think you can make a difference, don't be afraid to step in and make that difference rather than waiting for someone else to do it.


Swanage Coastguard said...

A coastguard is always on duty to help in the community.
Other rescue vehicles are available and never put yourself in danger without carrying out the correct risk assessments

Good job

Coastguard Oscar said...

...and this evening Austen and I (again off duty) have just rescued a transit van from the sand at Ocean Bay. We were rewarded with an offer of a cheap windscreen replacement. Mmm the smell of burnt out clutch.