Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Nearly two incidents and finger problems

The IRT were tasked just after 5pm to assist South Western Ambulance at Corfe Castle.   Rescue 106 was also tasked but both the aircraft and IRT were stood down on route as the ambulance service had dealt with the incident.

Then the 1st Langton Cubs arrived on station at 7pm and asked all those difficult questions young children do......  We liked the question "How many MISSIONS do you get, we like this term and we think it should be used instead of the word "incident"

Having given them the safety brief, we then had a phone call from our Nick on the beach reporting someone had lost their dog on the beach.  Now normally dogs fall DOWN cliffs, however this one actually went up one!
Nick was concerned for the owners so called it in as the owners were going to follow the dog up the cliff.  Portland Coastguard assessed the situation and asked Nick to monitor the situation

So back to the cubs and their questions....."Whats that green thing on your belt" , that's a pager and oddly it went off !  Quickly grabbing the phone and watching the Cubs disappear out the station as they had been briefed, the Operations Room had a little apology that someone had pressed the wrong button.

Chased the Cubs back across the car park and back to those questions.  Thankfully I had a PACT meeting so left the group with Austen who was last seen tied up in the trailer whilst 20 Cubs got their ropes badge.

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John B. said...

Hope the Cubs all passed their ropes & knotts badge. Did Austin get his Hudini badge for escaping in under 4 mins.? What a shame the Cubs weren't doing there first aid badge, just think of Austin in bandages--may be not!
Hope they all had a good time.