Wednesday, 5 November 2008


The Coastguard have used 4 main types of Pyrotechnics for many years, Orange Smoke, White Stars, Maroons and Para Illuminates.

Over the years there uses have become less and less due to technology being improved, for example pagers instead of using maroons, night vision equipment instead of Para Illuminates.

These items also have a shelf life of only 4 years and it was found that many were not being used so along with safety issues (they are a little dangerous in the wrong hands) the Coastguard have with drawn the use of all items except the orange smoke.

So there is another chapter in the history of the Coastguard closed, we will for the time being still be collecting old flares from the maritime community, but even that could change in the new this space.

Please can we also highlight around bonfire night that it is an offence to fire maritime distress flares when not in danger, every year the Coastguard spends time following up flare sightings and it could divert resources from a real emergency.

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