Sunday, 23 November 2008

300 posts

I was thinking what I could write about today as not much happens at the site over the weekend and in the Coastguard World there is nothing to report, so I happened to mention to one of our supporters that I had written the 300Th post and got told well why didn't you say......!

So to keep that one person happy this is in fact the 303rd post, there has been just over 19,000 page hits on the blog and 12,500 have viewed the site since January!

Originally the blog was to map out the progress of the new building, however it seems to cover the full range of what the Swanage team does and if YOU the reader are happy, we will continue?

We are always open to suggestions and ideas.

And a big thank you to deputy blog for looking after the site when I can not.

1 comment:

lifeboatjohn said...

Please do fellas...makes for a breath of fresh air compared to the usual turgid blogs about the rescue services!!