Tuesday, 18 November 2008

130 Million Years Ago

130 Million years ago, (give or take a couple of weeks) Swanage looked a little different. The Sector Manager was about but as for the rest of us, no!

For what I understand Swanage was a bit of a jungle/swamp (some say it still is), in Durlston Bay there was a little tree and for some reason it fell over, sadly records don't record why.

130 million years later Robin and Malcolm (from Durlston Country Park) come along and find this tree, yes honest.

Yes this "rock" contains the remains of that tree. So what has this go to do with the Coastguard?

Well the Country Park have asked for some assistance in lifting some examples of these fossils for the new display at Durlston Castle so in a few weeks we will be helping lift the stones up the cliff...watch out for Operation Dinosaur!

Before you all rush down to find fossils, a little warning, the cliffs at the moment are unstable, the removal of fossils without permission of the landowner is illegal.

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Deputy Blog said...

What do you call a Dinosaur who's just eaten a Vindaloo Curry.