Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Pleasure Cruise Boat Breaks Down

The team were busy on Saturday afternoon when a local passenger cruise boat lost control of its engines as it was docking and struck the pier

Fortunately, none of the 35 passengers were injured and neither the vessel nor the pier were seriously damaged.

However, the team was tasked firstly to administer first aid and secondly to act as liaison between the skipper and crew and the MCA surveyors who needed to be sure that the vessel was fit to sail back.

Whilst the team took photographs of the damage and recorded details of the incident from the crew and witnesses, an engineer was called and he soon had repairs in hand.  Once complete, the MCA duty inspectors and surveyors were called and they passed the vessel fit to return to its base so long as the engineer stayed on board throughout.

The team stood down and returned to base some five hours after being called.

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