Monday, 28 May 2018

First Aid and a Yeti

A lovely day in Swanage yesterday after an interesting evening of thunder storms.

The patrol were flagged down on shore road to provide first aid for a cut and broken toe.

We also caused some confusion as we aren’t in our usual vehicle at the moment

We are borrowing a slightly different vehicle so sorry to those who went to wave yesterday and weren’t sure it was us !

A Yeti at Middle Beach yesterday

So just as we thought the day was done the whole team were tasked to assist South Western Ambulance at Durlston with a lady who had fallen and broken her arm.

The team provided first aid until the ambulance arrived, also providing care to a baby who had been involved and a young lady who during the incident had been bitten by a dog.

Finally we stood back and again watched an amazing electrical storm over Old Harry.

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