Saturday, 5 May 2018

Busy day for Purbeck teams

The Coastguard teams in the area have had a very busy day on the first day of the bank holiday weekend.

The Swanage patrol were tasked to dancing ledge to back up colleagues from St Albans and Kimmeridge to a report of climber fallen breaking their arm.
Both Swanage Lifeboats were also tasked and picked up the climber and took them to meet an ambulance in Poole.

The patrol were again tasked back to Dancing Ledge and a report of another climber twisting their knee.
Again colleagues from St Albans and Kimmeridge were tasked along with the full team from Swanage.

On route the patrol were flagged down to provide first aid to a child fallen off their bike.

The teams arrived at dancing ledge and transported the young girl back to Spyway Barn and transport to the hospital.

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